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Smoking vs. Drinking
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Smoking vs. Drinking

Smoking vs. Drinking

It has been a long debate about what does the most damage to a person’s health, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. This debate is still continuing today, and more studies are being done on the effects of smoking and drinking. Here are the effects on your health that are caused by smoking and drinking, so you can weigh the risks.


Smoking cigarette is highly addictive. Each cigarette has over 4,000 chemicals, which some are added to cigarettes to increase the chances of addiction and increase the need to smoke more in a short time. The other chemicals are known to have major health concerns, so there is no level of smoking that is safe.

Smoking cigarettes is linked to many ailments and diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and birthing problems. Smoking causes around 6 million deaths per year that would have been preventable. This stat includes non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke. In the United States, treatment of health care problems caused by smoking and breathing second-hand smoke equals about 6 to 8 percent of total healthcare costs every year. Around half of all smokers will die from ailments or diseases caused by smoking.

Luckily, today there are programs that help people quit smoking. After quitting smoking, it is possible to see increased lung function and even some damage reversed.


Excessive drinking is the cause of a lot of serious health problems. This includes the development of over 60 major types of disease, which include cancer and neuropsychiatric disorders. Drinking leads to around 2.5 million people dying every year, which is more than tuberculosis or HIV.

Globally, drinking alcohol is the third leading cause of disability and disease, with child malnutrition and unprotected sex above alcohol. However, drinking can lead to unprotected sex, as the alcohol reduces the inhibitors. Alcohol is also addictive, which increases a person’s exposure to these risks.

The critical factor for the effects of drinking on one’s health depends on the amount that they are drinking and the decisions that they make. Some people can drink without having any negative effects, whereas others have negative effects every time they drink. Addiction is common in those who drink a lot of alcohol and can cause more risk-taking behavior. After quitting drinking, it is possible to lower the risk of health problems with diet.

Which Is Worse for Your Health?

Both smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is not great for your health. Unlike smoking, some people can drink alcohol with hardly any side effects. Smoking also has longer lasting effects, and the second-hand smoke can hurt the people who are around you. However, both habits should be avoided as addiction is possible. Smoking vs. Drinking

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