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Best Jobs in 2017
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Best Jobs in 2017 – The Trends Continue

Best Jobs in 2017 – The Trends Continue

There are quite a lot of interesting fields which are going to provide you with thorough career development opportunities. Employment is without a doubt amongst the most important things that one would have to account for when it comes to it, and there are certain industries and specific jobs which manage to stand out on top of the others. With this in mind, let’s go right ahead and take a look at the jobs and employment opportunities which could be categorized as best for 2017. Certain trends are repeating themselves, and it’s clear that certain jobs will remain most preferred.


Of course, we’d start with the most obvious field – the medical one. With the average salary being more than $150,000 for quite a lot of narrow specializations, orthodontists manage to top the chart in a lot of different aspects. While anesthesiologists would get more money, the field is far more burdensome and overwhelming in comparison. The unemployment rate in the field of orthodontists is about 0.2% which is absolutely astonishing. It’s ranked as one of the most preferable jobs in a wide range of different countries.

Computer System Analyst

Even though the salary isn’t near the one that you’d get in the medical field, the requirements are also not that drastic and severe. The education is far less. Of course, you have to understand that the remuneration is also significantly reduced, but it’s still incredibly competitive and far more than in a lot of other fields. The job is also not as stressful, and it allows a lot of employment development and career advancement.


This is a particularly interesting field for those who are good with numbers. This is one of the highest-ranked business professions, and it requires quite a lot of considerations. A passion for numbers and mathematical prowess is definitely a must.

Of course, there are quite a lot of different jobs which are going to provide you with great earning capabilities. The things that you have to take into account are numerous, and money isn’t always decisive. With this in mind, you need to ensure that the work that you do brings you satisfaction and it’s something that you love doing. It’s as simple as that. Working for money is going to get you burned out quickly than you can imagine and that’s not going to bring you the necessary satisfaction. Make sure that the job you do is something that you have a passion for. Best Jobs in 2017 – The Trends Continue

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