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Education Needs Reform

Why the Existing Education Needs Reform

Why the Existing Education Needs Reform

The current rate of America’s school drop out is quite alarming.  Authorities need to find the root of the problem  and how to make improvements.  The solution that we are looking for is not really a mystery; we should be taught more critical thinking skills!  However, it will require a drastic change in the current policies on education.  The current dropout rate is around 1.5 million annually which ultimately increases the nation’s economic and social cost to the taxpayer.  In order to prepare students for college or workforce; policymakers must cease ignoring the need for high school students developing critical thinking skills.  This simply means that by continuing to implement the current educational policy; we are virtually robbing our students of a successful preparation for college or the workforce.

Education Should Be More than a Platform for Information

Ever since the year 1800s, our education system only serves as a platform to access information and memorize said information.  Today, this should not be the case since there are myriads of ways on how we can learn.  How we learned factual information yesterday cannot be the exact same way we learn valuable information today.  Education should be more than just an institution that provides facts.  It should undergo a reform to help us turn that information into something useful.

Innovation Should Be Reflected in Our Education

It is a known fact that a large number of American students science and math scores are below the average.  However, are you aware that those who scored in these subjects turned into technicians who promote the advancement of our country’s technology?  This is due to the fact that not all students will show an interest on academics; other will excel in developing new concepts.   Developing new concept will basically motivate these individuals.

The existing policy during the industrial revolution still exists up to this day.  We are way beyond the industrial age and have already entered the age of technology.  The changes should also be evident in our school system.    Change should be implemented in order to maintain the efficiency in this 21st century.

Dropout Rate

The dropout rate that I mentioned in the initial part of this article means that students are basically rejecting the system.  There are certain schools that reported 70% drop rate which is really alarming.  One factor that contributes to this drop rate is the outdated system of our school.  Students are now looking for alternatives that will keep them engaged and motivated in finding a productive lifestyle.

All of our youngsters want to be recognized and achieve their goals in order to be successful in the workplace.   Unfortunately, the current education system is not providing them with that opportunity.  This will prompt them to search for an outlet which often leads to self-destruction.  Authorities and policy makers should start thinking about implementing more critical thinking in our schools to provide a solution to the growing problems.

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