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Our world is in a continuous change. To those who want to advance in this game called life, we need to be committed in learning new things every day. A great source of information would be books; from the self-help to the entertainment books, there is definitely something for you that you will find engaging. Reading and taking it into action will become one of the most vital elements of your success. And for this year, I have listed some of the best books that you can include in your reading list.

1. The Compound Effect

There are virtually no gimmicks in this personal development  book. This book placed an emphasis on the fact that the decision that you make every day will ultimately create your destiny. Even the tiniest decision can spell the difference between success and disaster. The Compound Effect written by Darren Hardy unveils the fundamental theories which guided individuals in achieving success on their relationship, career and other aspects of life. It is a step-by-step, self help book that will allow you to measure your success, achieve your desire and multiply your progress.

2. The Golden Gate

This is something that you will not expect from contemporary entertainment books. It is a novel which is constructed in verse, and there is something with the book that you will never expect what will come next. It is funny, engaging and complex and something that you won’t imagine on a customary book that is intended for the modern audience. The character building is just outstanding. You will be compelled to follow the life of someone whose character has been forged and fortified over the years. It is a novel which will simply motivate you to keep going.

3. The Kindness Pact

This book is intended for people who can easily forgive others but are having problem in forgiving themselves. It incorporates the ‘8 promises’ that you have to make to yourself in order to be less critical and more forgiving. The book will allow you to understand the necessity of being generous and kind to yourself. This is a self help book that will make you feel better about yourself.

4. Presence

For those looking for books that will challenge them, Presence is intended for you. The book will hit you hard without any sugar coating particularly the part that tackles the impostor syndrome and how we sometimes assume that we don’t belong to the group. It will be blatantly honest with you while allowing you to realize that each of us can offer something to the table that will make us a part of the group.

5. The Introvert Entrepreneur

For the self-professed introvert who have hesitation on marketing and networking yet dreaming of creating their empire in the future, this self help book should be included in your list. Beth Buelow will assist you in realizing the true potential of being an introvert. Your knack for research, independence and curiosity will play a major role in your success.

As you may notice, my reading list is a mix of entertainment, personal development, and spiritual and self help books. A Variety of things you learn is necessary to achieve understanding on various aspects of life.

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