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Henry Jenkins is an inspired author who has overcome the tremendous obstacles of poverty, crime, and violence. He is the author of the book “If You Can’t Make It On Mark Ave”, which deals with the overwhelming circumstances of being young, black and misled by the stereotypical images portrayed in his neighborhood and in the media. The main character, Martin MacCallister finds himself on a predominately white campus and experiences conflicting cultural systems of ethics, morals, and values; with the battle line drawn between Martin’s “hood mentality” and the “civil” mentality of the predominant culture.

Henry is from Ozark, Alabama where most Black males fall prey to the deadly grips of crime, drugs and prison. After serving eight years in the Army reserve (active and non-active duty) during Desert Sheild/Storm, Henry was honorably discharged as a 1st Lieutenant. At that time when this book was originally written Henry was the vice president of Auburn University’s Black Student Union and a member of the CADRE drug prevention program. He was also a guest columnist and staff writer for the Auburn Plainsman newspaper and the Atlanta Bulletin.  Henry has been published in various newspapers and magazines across the country. His message focuses on positive thinking, overcoming adversity, education, and self reliance. Henry is currently the Managing Director of an international investment firm.

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