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Personal Development

critical and creative thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking in Life

Critical and creative thinking are important in life. There should be a balance between critical thinking and creative thinking when it comes to decision making and problem-solving. The former allows you to understand the task at hand, and evaluate whether a solution is available or…
Self help

My Self Help Reading List

Our world is in a continuous change. To those who want to advance in this game called life, we need to be committed in learning new things every day. A great source of information would be books; from the self-help to the entertainment books, there is definitely…
Inspirational Quotes

My Top Five Inspirational Quotes

After good health and mostly peaceful experiences in one’s lives, the next critical thing is to have inspirational quotes, perfect life ideas, and positive personal development that would help one to pursue life more abundantly. A personal experience, one word or sentence can change the…